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GarDen is Esa Vesmanen’s proposal for an interior garden shelf presented at the Puun syy! exhibition in Fiskars, Finland. The shelf is a lightweight tower built on the Windowfarms principle. GarDen allows apartment dwellers to enjoy the pleasures of gardening and growing their own food at home. The design suits the contemporary style of your environment while also improving the air quality and the banalities of a typical ”sustainable” aesthetic. GarDen is built from Finnish pine and its plants growing process is using recycled bottles.


is Esa Vesmanen’s proposal for a home garden shelf presented at the Puun syy! exhibition in Fiskars, Finland. The shelf is a light-weight frame applying the Windowfarms principle. The shelf allows even city people to easily do some gardening in their home and grow food in their own kitchen or living room.
Photos: Esa Vesmanen
Windowfarms [->http://www.windowfarms.org/]
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