Bright Baana Event 2015

Pure Design celebrated the UN International Year of Light with the Bright Baana - event. In September 2015, the bridges of Baana transformed into lighting installations for four days.

The Bright Shadows installation below Antinkatu bridge was created through contrast, by playing with light and shadow. The installation presents how simple features, such as shadows, reflections and spot lights, can affect the atmosphere of the space and how it is experienced.

Workgroup: Interior Architect Esa Vesmanen, Designer Katariina Laakso and interior architect student Peppi Kankkunen / Pure Design Oy, Lighting Designer Heini Seppälä / RE-Suunnittelu Oy and Interior Architect Helena Aalto

Håkan Långstedt / SAAS Instruments Oy

Also students of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences: Henri Vahtere, Tuomas Lahti, Asko Pajunen