Lantern – Outdoor sculpture

Lyhty (meaning Lantern) is a permanent public installation by Visual Artist Hilda Kozári and Esa Vesmanen in Helsinki’s new residential district of South Hermann Park.

Eläinlääkäripuiston taideteos Lyhty

Visitors can perceive and delight in Lyhty’s organic shape and its playful aura. The sculpture’s form was developed to compliment the park’s vegetation and contrast with the surrounding, cubist architecture. Five-metre high powder-coated steel fins encircle the emergency exit of an underground parking garage. Bright white, it reflects sunlight during the day, and when illuminated at night, it shines and improves safety. Depending on the time of day, the fins cast alternating patterns of shadows, and from a distance, they flicker with a moiré effect.

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