KOE kitchen – Furniture and installation design

In the KOE (Finnish for “experiment”, but also “experience!”) kitchen, Esa Vesmanen examined the interaction between people and nature. He transformed the tap into a fountain, the stove into an open fire, and the kitchen hood into a floating cloud filter. His vertical Maa garden is a screen and a source to store fresh food.

Koe kitchen Esa Vesmanen takka

Koe Kitchen pöydän reuna

Koe Kitchen puu

Koe Kitchen pystykuva

Koe Kitchen

Koe Kitchen kasvit

Introduced in 2005 in the Sauma exhibition in Washington DC, the KOE kitchen has since then been exhibited around the world – Durat, Franke Finland, Järvikylä mansion, Selki-Asema and WB-Sails contributed to the project.